The INSTITUTE FOR EUROPEAN ENERGY AND CLIMATE POLICY (IEECP) is a non-for-profit research organisation that brings together some of Europe’s leading interdisciplinary experts on climate change, energy efficiency and renewable energy policy.

Our members are well renowned experts in the fields of climate change, energy efficiency, and renewable energy policy. IEECP carries out detailed studies and top quality research projects in these policy fields.

History of IEECP

Established in the Netherlands in 2015, the Institute for European Energy and Climate Policy brings together a group of renowned experts in European energy and climate policy research.

IEECP’s founding principles focus on the generation and dissemination of scientific knowledge in energy and climate policy. Its researchers’close ties to the actual policy making world (from regional and national governments to the European Commission and the UNFCCC negotiators) ensures that the outputs of its research provide useful, pragmatic and evidence-based guidance to policy makers dealing with sustainable energy and climate change.