The INSTITUTE FOR EUROPEAN ENERGY AND CLIMATE POLICY (IEECP) is a non-for-profit research organisation that brings together some of Europe’s leading interdisciplinary experts on climate change, energy efficiency and renewable energy policy.

Our members are well renowned experts in the fields of climate change, energy efficiency, and renewable energy policy. IEECP carries out detailed studies and top quality research projects in these policy fields.

History of IEECP

Established in the Netherlands in 2015, the Institute for European Energy and Climate Policy brings together a group of renowned experts in European energy and climate policy research.

IEECP’s founding principles focus on the generation and dissemination of scientific knowledge in energy and climate policy. Its researchers’close ties to the actual policy making world (from regional and national governments to the European Commission and the UNFCCC negotiators) ensures that the outputs of its research provide useful, pragmatic and evidence-based guidance to policy makers dealing with sustainable energy and climate change.

Aims of IEECP

The main aims of IEECP are to:

  • Carry out high level research on climate and energy policy and broaden the knowledge in these fields
  • Assist policy makers towards better informed decisions on climate and energy policy on the EU and national levels
  • Enhance the links in social sciences among quantitative and qualitative research in order to generate robust outcomes for energy and climate policy making
  • Contribute to interdisciplinary projects on the EU and international level, thereby catalyzing scientific and policy research networks

We work closely with EU institutions, international organisations, national governments, think tanks, NGOs, academics and the business world. As an independent institute, IEECP mobilises resources and expertise to disseminate the most relevant scientific ideas and research ahead of and during decision-making processes at various levels (international,. national, sub-national; municipal)

Our Team


Zsolt Lengyel

Zsolt Lengyel is an economist who has been the Team Leader and Key Expert of the European Commission funded 18 million EUR four years long Clima East project since July 2013. Prior to that he worked as Head of Climate Services and Lead Auditor of SQS (Swiss Association for Quality


Vlasios Oikonomou

Vlasios Oikonomou, Dr., is an economist, associate senior researcher to the Institute of European Energy and Climate Policy. He has finalised his PhD on interactions of White Certificates energy and climate policy instruments, where he has published over 40 articles in books and peer reviewed scientific journals in this field.


Alexandros Flamos

Dr. Alexandros Flamos is Associate Professor in the University of Piraeus (UNIPI). He has a Degree on Electrical and Computer Engineering and a PhD on decision support systems for Energy Systems Appraisal from the National Technical University of Athens


Jan Rosenow

Jan is passionate about creating a world that consumes less energy, is more sustainable, and socially just. For more than 10 years he worked towards this vision as a consultant, researcher and volunteer.


Andreas Tuerk

Andreas Tuerk works as a senior scientist at Joanneum Research and the Wegener Center for Climate and Global Change at the University of Graz. He is an expert in international and national Energy and Climatepolicy.


Daniele Russolillo

Daniele Russolillo has an energy engineering education background at the Polytechnic of Turin and as an associate of IEECP, has been working from 14 years as program manager, consultant and advisor at the crossroad of energy policy, economic regulation of local public services and business model innovation for sustainability.

picture js broc

Jean-Sebastien Broc

Jean-Sébastien is an associate to IEECP specialised in evaluation of energy efficiency policies, because it is a driver for multidisciplinary work and for experience sharing. Energy efficiency is a topic with many dimensions and already a long and rich history, both in theory and in practice.


Vangelis Marinakis

Dr. Vangelis Marinakis ( is associated to IEECP and an Electrical and Computer Engineer of the National Technical University of Athens and holds a PhD in the research domain of decision support systems for sustainable energy local/regional planning.

Mia Dragovic

Mia Dragovic

Mia is an energy efficiency expert in IEECP after eight years in executive positions strictly related to energy efficiency planning and implementation on local, state land regional level. Her focus is measurement and verification of energy efficiency, economic appraisal methods for evaluating energy efficiency measures and developing small-medium renewable energy


Yamina Saheb

Dr. Yamina SAHEB is Senior Energy Policy Analyst at OpenExp and an associate senior expert to IEECP. Prior to this position, Yamina was Policy and Scientific Officer at the Renewables and Energy Efficiency Unit at the Institute of Energy and Transport of the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European


Martijn Rietbergen

Dr. Martijn Rietbergen is an senior Researcher on energy efficiency, project coordinator for international education projects and lecturer on renewable energy at the HU University of Applied Science Utrecht and senior associate to IEECP. He earned his PhD on evaluating the impacts on of energy management programmes at the Utrecht


Deger Saygin

Deger Saygin works as the Director of the SHURA Energy Transition Centre. In his former role at the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), Deger has developed and led the global renewable energy roadmap (REmap) programme between 2013 and 2017.


Ana Mostecak

Ana Mostecak works as a project associate at the Institute for European Energy and Climate Policy. Prior to this position, she has worked as an advisor in the National Energy Efficiency Authority of Croatia working on monitoring of the implementation of the Energy Efficiency Directive and national energy efficiency policy